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Sop Daging

Beef filet,  vegetables, Indo spices 

Sop Udang Jimbaran 

Seafood, prawns, Asian spices

Mie Ayam Yogyakarta

Chicken, noodles, chicken broth

Lumpia Segar Bandung

Fresh spring roll Vegetables or shrimps, sweet sauce

Bakpia Goreng Surabaya

Fried Spring Roll, vegetables or Beef, sweet sour sauce


Daging Rendang Padang

Beef, coconuts, vegetables, steamed rice, Padang sauce

Sumatra Kare

Chicken, coconut cream, vegetables, steamed rice, Indonesian fresh herbs


Ayam Masak Kecap Manis

Chicken fried, soya sauce, honey, mushrooms, leaks, vegetables, steamed rice


Sapi Masak Kecap

Beef filet, onions, garlic, mushrooms, pepper, soya sauce, vegetables, steamed rice


Sapi Masak Nanas

Beef filet, pineapple, paprika, onions, coriander, vegetables, steamed rice

Kebun Gado Gado

Vegetables boiled, egg, steamed rice, crakers, peanuts sauce

Sate Padang Bakar

Skewers, vegetables, steamed rice, peanut sauce and pickle

 Chiken /   Beef / Mixt

Mie Goreng Jakarta

 Fried noodles, vegetables or chicken or beef or seafood

Nasi Goreng Jombang

Fried rice, vegetables or chicken or beef filet or seafood


Ikan Kukus Sumedang 

 Steam fish, Vegetables sauted, steamed rice, Sumedang sauce 

Ikan Kukus Coco 

Steam fish, Vegetables sauted, steamed rice  Coconut crem

Udang Bakar

  Prawns plancha Sce chili lime, Vegetables sauted, steamed rice

Udang Masak Susu

Prawns cream, onions,  garlic, Vegetables sauted, steamed rice , Indonesian herbs…


Pudding Beras Hitam

Black rice, coconut sauce

Chocolat Brownie

 Chocolate cake, custard

Lapis Legit

Layer Cake, Ice cream coco

 Indon Tiram

 Cream Indonésian, fresh exotic fruits

Es Buah


 Sorbet :   Passion / Mangue 

Pineapple and curry 

Kiwi and banana 

 Glace :   Coconut 


Matcha tea