about exotic bali

First Indonesian restaurant to set up in Marrakech, EXOTIC BALI offers an exceptional quality in terms of authenticity of cooking,  flavors and the dressing of the plates, which are finely executed by a chief of Sumatra.
The cuisine ensures such a scenery of a palace that will give you a desire to return again and again.


JAVA or BALI islands, are now in the center of MARRAKECH famous MEDINA. EXOTIC BALI invites you to travel … in an elegant setting with a thoughtful welcome.
Sensitize your taste buds in an exotic, warm, friendly and romantic atmosphere.


Our chef presents a range of culinary specialties from Indonesia … Prepared for everyone’s order.
Refined dishes with authentic flavors and fresh products that he selects with care.
rigorous assembling of marinades with a certain alchemy.
A cuisine that can be adapted to everyone (vegetarian, gluten free, vegan).


A cuisine of pleasure and creativity, based only on fresh products, Our chef shares his passion and experience with you : the perfect illustration of Asian cuisine EXCELLENCE, His secret recipe is the perfect balance betwenn quality, conviviality and professionalism.

Come in and discover our TABLE PHILISOPHY.