In the middle of the atmosphere and hustle red city souk market. Between the Medersa Ben Youssef and the famous Yves Saint Laurent Majorelle garden, in a few steps from Jemaa el-Fnaa square.
EXOTIC BALI opens its doors on unique oasis in heart of MARRAKECH MEDINA (old city).
Thanks to the experience he gained after graduation, Chef Andy GUSTIANDI relishes in creating delicious dishes, full of tastees and flavors so typical of INDONESIA (Asia) with fresh ingredients he picks himself every day.

EXOTIC BALI invite you, to discover a cuisine full of aromas in a friendly and cozy atmosphere. With friendly service and warm scenery.


The chef Andy Gustiandi comes from the island of Sumatera INDONESIA. After 15 years of cooking experiance in his country, he arrived in MARRAKECH to create EXOTIC BALI and promote cuisine and culture of INDONESIA. Every day he cooks for you with is secret spices and authentic tropical herbs.

Come in and share my passion and motivation. Taste the adventure of food.


You will be surpised by INDONESIAN (Asian) dishes. Prepared for you to enjoy with the authentic taste of fresh products compiled by the chef warmly.

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A cuisine of pleasure and creativity, based only on fresh products, Our chef shares his passion and experience with you : the perfect illustration of Asian cuisine EXCELLENCE, His secret recipe is the perfect balance betwenn quality, conviviality and professionalism.

Come in and discover our TABLE PHILISOPHY.

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